The fine folks over at The Boston Occupier (formerly Occupy Boston Globe) covered the Defend the 4th convergence protest this past Saturday.

All photos credited to Dan Schneider.


Speaking from the Tamarleigh Grenfell gives a speech denouncing the introduction of TSA searches on the MBTA. (Photo: Dan Schneider)

-Joe Ramsay via The Boston Occupier

While hundreds ice skated just across the Boston Common, around eighty people converged on the Common bandstand in the freezing cold on Saturday, February 2, to declare their opposition to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) searches on the MBTA.

The “TSA out of the MBTA” protest emerged rather organically, starting from a single angry Facebook post about an individual TSA search, growing into a Facebook event with over two hundred “attendees,” and culminating with an afternoon march and rally, which featured groups converging on Park Street from across the city. The convergence marches were, as organizer Tamarleigh Grenfell put it, “like the fingers of a hand,” coming together downtown from each subway line—red, orange, and green— to form a fist.

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This gallery contains 16 photos.

PhotoBlog: Defend the 4th Amendment Protest against TSA 2.2.2013 Red Line North Photo Reel (@TSAoutofMBTARH) Protesters gathered across political by lines to talk shop on the fourth amendment and freeze their collective cheeks off while marching across the city. Here are the photos from the Red Line North group, more will follow as they come in.


Boston, Februayr 1, 2013.     Occupy Boston defendants arrested in the October 2011 middle of the night raid by the Boston Police department on their encampment on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway are seeking to have all criminal charges against them dismissed on the grounds that the arrests were an unconstitutional infringement on the protestors’ exercise of their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.  A hearing on their Motion to Dismiss will be held in the Boston Municipal Court on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.
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