Mass Pirate Party on AG’s Electronic Wiretapping Bill

Why you should oppose the AG’s Mass. electronic wiretapping bill

Via Posted on February 9, 2013 by jokeefe

Here is the video from my appearance on the Two Hot Heads show on Unregular Radio. Alex Marthews from the Campaign for Digital Fourth Amendment Rightsjoined me to discuss the No TSA on the MBTA march and rally as well as Mass. electronic wiretapping bill the AG submitted to the Mass. legislature. Alex posted atranscript some of the discussion. Thanks to Mike Cann and Heather Mack for having us on.

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The text of the AG’s bill to expand electronic wiretapping is not available officially yet, though CDFAR managed to get a copy, but Alex was kind enough to let me post his analysis of it.  The AG clearly wants to the ability to spy on us for the flimsiest of reasons and make it easier to spy on us in bulk:

The new Coakley bill, “An Act Updating the Wire Interception Law”, under a microscope

Want to know the details of what the new Coakley bill, An Act Updating the Wire Interception Law, really includes? Wonderful. I can already tell we’re going to be friends.

 read full article 


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