MA govt. wiretapping bill, Mass Pirates & CDFAR on Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens

TWO HOTHEADS, WHERE ACTIVISM HAPPENS, live Saturday’s, 3:30pm MA Pirate Party & Campaign for Digital Fourth Amendment Rights discuss MA State government snooping with no warrant bills being pushed by AG Martha Coakley. Also get into TSA out of MBTA, Aaron Swartz, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz and more.

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CDFAR’s mission is to promote the use of duly and lawfully executed Fourth Amendment warrants; to pursue public education efforts to increase public awareness of government practices relating to the search and seizure of electronic data; and to lobby public officials on these issues. We are currently focused on Massachusetts, and hope to expand to cover New England in the years to come.

The Pirate Party is perhaps best known for its stance regarding file sharing – the belief that the ability to freely share information is a key right in a democratic society. It is true that the Pirate Party wants to abolish the ban on file sharing (which has criminalized an entire generation of young people), but not because we really, really want the latest movies without paying for them. The problem is that the methods used to protect copyrighted works involve spying on everyone, all the time.


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